The Canadian War Museum is a must-see tourist attraction if you visit Ottawa. Here’s why you need to visit one of the world’s most impressive collections of military hardware.

Learn More About Canada


A visit to the museum will teach you more on how Canada was formed by involving itself from past wars. Canada is well known to be a pacifist country, but they had a tumultuous past all for the objective to seek peace, prosperity, and independence. Through paintings, exhibits, and documents, it reveals a piece of history of Canada, but more details regarding their armed conflict and struggle.


See Canada’s Arsenal


The Canadian War Museum stores all the military equipment starting from pre-contact to Colonial Canada up to modern warfare. You will also not only see Canada’s material but also the weapons her enemies used before. The Lebreton Gallery has an extensive collection of tanks, artillery, and other implements of war. There is an attached CF-Voodoo Fighter Jet onto its ceiling. 


Reinvigorate Yourself


Despite being a war museum, the Canadian War Museum has dedicated places for solace and solemnity.


  • The Royal Canadian Legion Hall of Honour – exhibits the bravery of the Canadians who served. The Hall serves as a commemoration for their courage, selflessness, and sacrifice. 

  • Regeneration Hall – Regeneration Hall is a quiet place for reflection. The hall symbolizes the eternal pursuit of man to achieve peace and harmony with each other. 

  • Memorial Hall – with the design being minimal and gives the visitor a sense of quietness, the Memorial Hall serves as a place to remember the fallen. This is where the headstone from the grave of Canada’s Unknown Soldier is being kept.

  • The Roof – The roof of the museum is a dedicated green roof. Self-seeding grass is used along with some flowers to incorporate the design. Admittance is seasonal.


Decipher the Mystery


Windows on the side of the roof’s museum have a hidden message incorporated with it: a morse code. Decipher the news, and you will learn something unforgettable.


Dive into the Artworks


The Canadian War Museum curates almost 300 hundred paintings from Canada’s best artist. Most of the arts have a theme of war, suffering, hope, and peace. 




It would not be a complete Canadian experience if you missed out The Canadian War Museum. To have that Canadian experience, apply now for a Canada Visa eta.