If you’re on a trip to Canada, you will surely regret not visiting these rich in culture northern territories that is full of extravagant activities and natural landmarks to be explored. Get your Canadian eta now and experience what North America has to offer.



Yukon has the smallest landmass out of the three territories and was named after the river, Yukon. Mining became especially famous in Yukon when the gold rush started. After gold miners migrated to the place, other people followed suit and trading of particular goods began flourishing. There was an increase in population and also an improvement of law and government.

  • Economy

Yukon became rich when it came to mining during the late 19th century. Metals such as lead, silver, and zinc were also found. While the mining industry bloomed and the population started to rise, other industries began flourishing as well. Eventually, there was the manufacturing of clothing, furniture, and handicraft.

  • Tourism Industry

The tourism industry grew over the years and is one of the primary priorities of Yukon. Other than its natural wonders, exciting outdoor activities such as hunting, skiing, ice climbing, and snowboarding are among the few to enjoy in Yukon. For years, parks and wildlife have always been a natural tourist attraction.



Aside from being the largest territory in Northern Canada, it is also the newest. Through the Nunavut Act last April 1, 1999, it separated from the Northwest Territories and became independent. Nunavut is a tough place to reach since it doesn’t have access to highways and railways. Because of its remoteness, you can only visit it through air and sea.

  • History

Martin Frobisher was an English explorer that first attempted to communicate with the Inuit people last 1576. When the cold war came, the Inuit people had multiple relocation attempts. This resulted in starvation and surviving of hostile environments. Fortunately, after a few years, they were compensated until they sufficiently thrived.


Northwest Territories

If Yukon is famous for gold, the Northwest Territories are popular for mining the hardest mineral on earth. Yellowknife is well known as North America’s diamond capital.

  • Economy

Aside from natural gas, the mining industry of gold and diamonds plays the most significant role in the strength of their economy. Compared to the other territories of Canada, the Northwest Territories have the highest per capita GDP.

Aside from their interesting history and growth in the economy, these places have amazing places that have attractions that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. So don’t forget to visit these territories once you visit Canada!


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