New Zealand is one of the countries that can tickle your imagination. A land of magical scenery, mystery, and Maori folklore, a country where it can provide you a lot of stuff to do, such as skiing, surfing, hiking, and relaxation all on the same day. If you want to create unforgettable memories, apply for an ETA New Zealand, and experience incredible moments.

Ninety Mile Beach’s Sand Dunes

If you are looking for adventure, head down to Ninety Mile beach. A 55-miles of pure white sands await you. Choose which activity you want, either surfing or bodyboarding the Sand Dunes.

Bay of Islands

New Zealand doesn’t have any exclusivity, whether, luxurious or average, you can get to experience whatever New Zealand can offer. With its majestic nature, there are a lot of sights that you can check. You can hire a kayak or a boat and explore the Bay of Islands. Immerse yourself into a paradise of secluded islands and perfect beaches. Something you won’t surely forget.

Take A Volcanic Hike

You can explore New Zealand’s youngest volcano, the Rangitoto Island which erupted 600 years ago from the sea. The island, apart from the native birdlife, uninhabited. But you can spend the day on the island and be amazed at its scenery. You can take a walk around the island, which includes the famous summit track and get a 360 view of Auckland. If it doesn’t satisfy you, you can take the evening guided kayak, and relish at the sights of Rangitoto Island. You’ll get to see the setting sun from the summit and paddle down under the stars in Waitemata Harbour.

Cathedral Cove 

One of the most excellent places to visit in New Zealand is the Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve or the Cathedral Cove. You can’t resist the appeal of this cove located on the northern island. The only way that you can reach this secluded cove is by walking or taking the seas. You can either go on a boat for which allows you to explore the cliff and the caves while learning about its history or get a more intimate experience by kayaking and enjoy staying by the beach.

Have a Hobbiton Experience

Whether a fan or not, one of the places that you should include is Hobbiton, get to explore middle earth, and be enthralled with the Shire. You can get to appreciate the effort of how they bring to life Tolkien’s Literary Art. An unforgettable experience that only New Zealand can provide.