If you travel to Europe this year, you need to have your passport ready. If it needs to be renewed, you need to do this before you travel. Likewise, you will need to obtain your first, or perhaps get another, visa waiver to go into Europe. To apply for a visa, you must visit the ETIAS European website. It is there that the application is available. You can then submit information about yourself, as well as provide your passport information, to have this visa waiver attached to your passport for coming into any country in Europe.


What Do You Do Once You Arrive On The Website?

When you arrive at the website, go directly to the application. If you would prefer reading information about requirements, you can go there first. There are certain eligibility requirements that they will consider as they are evaluating your application. This is necessary for everyone that will be in Europe that is not a legal resident of any European countries. Once the application is completed and submitted, you will be prompted to make a payment. Subsequent to the payment going through, you will be validated. This simply means that you will be approved and this visa waiver will be connected to your passport so you can come into Europe.


What Other Documents Will You Need?

There are likely no other documents that will be necessary. Everything that they will require will be on the passport. That serves as a way of identifying you. If you are from an ETIAS Europe preapproved country, then the process of applying for this Visa waiver will occur in under an hour. If you haven’t done this yet, and your trip is in the next few days, you certainly need to get this done. If you are fortunate, no other papers will be needed. You will then be able to get on your plane and fly into the European country of your choice to start enjoying your trip.