When you travel to Europe right now, if this is prior to 2021, you simply need to have a passport there are a total of 26 European states, all of which comprise of what is referred to as the Schengen Area, a grouping of countries which include Italy, Greece, Austria, Sweden, and many others. In the next few years, ETIAS Visa will be required to go from one country to the next. It is a system that will be patterned after United States and Canada. Traveling to the United States and Canada from Europe and other countries will require you to go through their visa waiver process. Let’s discuss how ETIAS Visas will work in the future.

What You Should Know About ETIAS And Visas

ETIAS is a name that stands for the electronic system that will soon be implemented in Europe. The European travel information and authorization system will require people to fill this out, obtain a 90 day visa, in order to go into these different countries that are part of the Schengen area. Detailed security checks will be part of this. You will also need to be from a country of origin that is allowed. Once this is done, it will be much safer for people to travel into Europe as everyone will be properly tracked that is not directly from those countries.

Is This Going To Be Helpful For Europe?

This will certainly be helpful because of how it has helped Canada and the United States. It allows people to feel more comfortable about people that are visiting. For decades, and even longer, people of gone to Europe from all over the world in order to vacation. They may have friends, family members, or business associates that they fly over to see. Once established, these visas through the ETIAS will make it safer for everyone involved.