If you want to visit New Zealand soon, you need to learn about the latest information about visa New Zealand requirements for tourists. The government of New Zealand has new rules regarding travel to the country, and these will be effective on the first day of October 2019. Here are four of the most important things to remember about this new rule.


1.New eTA 

eTA or Electronic Travel Authority is a form of electronic authorization in PDF form. This is a kind of visa waiver which aims to improve security along with airports and borders. New Zealand eTA is the counterpart of the ESTA or the Electronic System for Travel Authorization in the UK and European Travel Information and Authorization System in Europe.

The eTA reduces immigration risks,  enhance travel experience, and deal with security, especially biosecurity and smuggling.

2.Application For eTA Takes Only 10 Minutes

All travelers who want to visit New Zealand should have their eTA. Without this, they won’t be able to board cruises or flights.  Applying for an eTA will take only 10 minutes to do. The process includes completing the application online, payment, submitting the application, and verification through email.

The eTA is valid up to 2 years for as long as the traveler’s passport is valid. eTA allows multiple entries by businesspeople and also for tourists who want to vacation in New Zealand.

3.eTA In PDF Form

Tourists who want to visit New Zealand should declare any criminal conviction history as well as their intentions to travel to the country (education, business, or tourism) to determine if they are eligible to travel.

You won’t need a physical Visa or document on your passport. As soon as you are deemed eligible to visit the country, a confirmation will be sent to your email. Your eTA will also be sent to you via email in PDF form. You must save this document or print it out because this will be scanned upon entry by immigration.

4.Who Needs The eTA

You need to secure an eTA if you are a  permanent Australian resident, a resident of any visa waiver nation, passenger of a cruise ship arriving at New Zealand, a crew of a cruise ship or a crew of a commercial airline and so on.

5.Who Don’t Need The eTA  

Citizens belonging to a visa waiver country who are visiting New Zealand 3 months or less, UK residents visiting the country within three months or less and if you are not visiting due to medical reasons or medical treatment, will not need an eTA.