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What You Need To Know About Eta Application Number And Reference Number

If you are applying for Canada eTA, it is important that you can differentiate eTA application number and eTA reference number. To start with, know that each number is connected to the specific processing stage of Kanada eTA application.

Understanding eTA Application Number


It comprises of a string of 10 alphanumeric characters. It usually begins with the letter J and the nine digits follow. So, an eTA application number would look like J710131235. Also, this application number is arranged on a particular order based on the submissions throughout time.


Understanding eTA Reference Number


It also consists of 10 alphanumeric characters, but the string begins with the letter V, following by the nine digits. So, an eTA reference number would be V903051548. The nine digits represent the number of eTA applicants in sequence increments throughout time. The eTA reference number is allocated based on the application submission of eTA.


Differentiate the Two


When it comes to knowing the difference between the two, the main one is that an eTA application number is given to an applicant who is eligible to Kanada eTA. On the other hand, an eTA reference number is connected to an application and generated per application, whether it is denied or approved.


Considering that not all applications for eTA are approved, the order of numbers varies. It also means that the eTA reference numbers are always higher than the eTA application numbers on the whole.


After Approval of eTA Application


When your eTA application is approved, you can check the status of your eTA by using your eTA application number. An email will notify you in case your application for eTA has expired. You may also know about this information on a status checking tool for eTA.


In the case of a denied eTA application, then you will not be given an eTA application number. Contact IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) regarding your denied application by using the eTA reference number.


It pays to know the difference between an eTA application and reference number, particularly when contacting the IRCC about your application status. It would also be useful when you check the status of your eTA online. Make sure to keep a record of the two numbers for easy access to your Kanada eTA application in the future.


Canada ETA – Visa that you need


Canada eTA is an expert visa office that gives help to eTA qualified visitors going to Canada in acquiring their eTA Documents. As a component of their administrations they incorporate a 100% discount ensure if there should arise an occurrence of visa dismissal, live acceptance of information, day in and day out backing, and broad PDF documentation. They likewise offer surge benefit that empowers you to get your eTA endorsement in less than 5 minutes. As a reward they offer a free Canada travel tips. All administrations are offered in your dialect of decision. Canada eTa is not subsidiary with the Government of Canada, Citizenship and Immigration Canada or whatever other related Canadian government organizations or offices. It is a business site that helps voyagers in the preparing of their electronic travel approval documents for go to Canada.


Advantages of the eTA

This eTA will likely make it simpler and snappier for those qualified visitors coming into Canada via air.

People not regarded qualified, for example, those with criminal records or with no fly requests, will be rejected go preceding entry in Canada. By identifying such people using the eTA framework this will ensure Canada’s guest all the more adequately and spare assets and monies repatriating the people.


Prerequisites to obtain an eTA – Travel Authorization:

– Your citizenship is among those having a place with the eTA Program

– The visa you are going with is legitimate

– You are going to have enough capital for your remaining


Diagram of the eTA application handle

1. Get your travel permit and charge card prepared, and read the document

2. Utilize the online shape to apply. The shape can’t be spared. So have your data prepared.

3. Pay $7 CAD for your eTA directly after you finish the frame.

4. Get an email affirmation about your eTA application inside 72 hours. Most applications are affirmed inside minutes.

5. You may need to submit documents before your application can be affirmed. If this transpires, an email will be sent with guidelines.

Once your eTA is affirmed it is substantial for a long time. This implies you can travel to Canada without reapplying in as much as your ETA and visa stay substantial.


ETA permits you to visit Canada for:


You can now visit for business reasons by getting an Electronic Travel Authorization


An online Travel Authorization can in actuality facilitate your Visa prerequisites when you are on your business trip in Canada.

3. Travel

Travelers traveling through Canada need an Electronic Travel Authorization before getting onto their flight.