If you are planning a trip from Germany to Canada, and you do not yet have your travel visa, you might be fretting over how to get this done. Getting your passport might have been a difficult experience, and you are thinking this is just another complex piece of paperwork that you need to bring. Fortunately for most people, obtaining a travel visa is extremely easy. They also make this so easy that there is no paperwork at all. To get your visum kanada for your trip to Canada that’s coming up, let’s look at how you can get this done today.

Go To The Government Of Canada Website

From wherever you are in Germany, go to the Canadian government website. There you will see a link on how to get an electronic travel authorization for going into Canada for up to 90 days. Also called an eTA, after you are approved, it will be directly connected to your passport so you have nothing to worry about. As long as you stay less than 90 days, everything will be fine. If you need to come back later, you can always reapply. There is absolutely no paperwork that you have to fill out, and once you have hit the submit button after paying the seven Canadian dollars, you will likely be approved within seconds.

Is This Something You Could Do Today?

This is certainly something that you can do today because everything is on the web. You do not have to go to a facility physically, stand in line, and hope they can get to you by the end of the business day. All of this can be completed in less than an hour. You do have a form that you have to fill out. You do also need your passport handy, and other forms of identification, that they will request so that your visum kanada can be approved.