If you are going to be traveling out of Newark on business for extended periods of time, or if you are going on a month long vacation, it is not economically feasible to park your car at the airport parking lot. Part of the reason has to do with the high fees, and also the potential for break-ins that can happen, even though they do provide some level of security. It better choice would be to use a company that is not directly on the airport that offers 24 hour service. They will also offer much more reasonable prices for people that will be traveling for extended periods of time. Here is why you should use Newark long term parking companies.

They Can Save You Money

The first reason that you should consider using these businesses is that you are going to save quite a bit of money. Depending upon the one that you use you can end up saving as much as half of the amount that you would normally pay for parking at the airport. Although it is more convenient to simply get off of your plane and go directly to your car from the airport because it is close by, these companies offer shuttles that may appear several times an hour, allowing you to get your car just a few minutes later in comparison to airport parking.

Potentially Better Security

Although the airports do provide security, you might be better off to have it at one of these companies were there is a gated area where people cannot come in unless they have their ticket. Additionally, there should be 24 hour guards that are walking around the facility to make sure that people are not able to come into that area and steel or damaged vehicles. You will have to look at reviews that people have left about these different companies in regard to security and also pricing. This will lead you to the best company to use if you are going to be on an extended trip.

Finding Newark long term parking is easy to do. There are companies that provide this service. It’s going to save you money, and it’s definitely the best choice if you will be gone for several weeks. Although the convenience of being able to quickly walk to wherever your car is parked at the airport parking facility, if you can wait just for a few minutes to take one of the shuttles, it will help you save a substantial amount on your parking fees. Find out more about these reputable businesses in Newark that offer long term parking services.