When it comes to ETA Canada requires many visitors to have one. You might be wondering who needs one, how the application process works, how much it costs and when should you apply? If you want to learn more about an ETA, then continue to read the rest of this article.

What Is An ETA
ETA is actually short for electronic travel authorization, and it’s an entry requirement for nationals from another country other than Canada. If a foreign national is going to be travelling to Canada via air, then they will need an ETA. The ETA is linked to the person’s passport and it is good for up to five years, but it does expire when the passport expires, if it expires before the five years are up. Furthermore, if you get a new passport, then you’ll need to reapply for an ETA.

For travel within Canada, you don’t need to have an ETA. The ETA also lets you travel to Canada as often as you want, but if it’s for short visits. Generally speaking, it allows you to stay for up to six months at a single time.

Bear in mind that an ETA doesn’t mean you will be allowed into Canada for the length of time you’re seeking. A border patrol officer will request your documents and your passport. After viewing them and asking you questions, they will determine whether or not you will be let into the country.

Who Needs One
As previously mentioned, those who are considered visa-exempt foreign nationals that will be arriving in Canada via air will need an ETA. However, if they are arriving via boar, car, train or bus, then they do not need to have an ETA. Those who are from the United States and plan to fly to Canada or transit via an airport in Canada will need to apply and be approved for an ETA. They’ll also need their passport and their Green Card, if applicable.

Applying for an ETA is very easy and convenient because you do it online. You only need a few things, which includes an email address, a passport that is valid and a credit/debit card to make your payment. You’ll also be asked a few questions in the application.

How Much Does It Cost
It costs CAD $7 and you pay for it during the application process. As previously mentioned, you do need a debit or credit card. Don’t forget, after it expires in five years, you’ll need to reapply if you plan on visiting Canada (via air) again.

When To Apply
It can take around a week or two to be approved for an ETA. This is why it’s a good idea to apply for one well ahead of your scheduled flight. In fact, it might be better to apply for an ETA before you book a flight.

Applying for an ETA Canada is easy and it doesn’t take that long to be approved for one. If you’re eligible for an ETA and you plan on visiting Canada in the near future, then it’s a good idea to apply for one as soon as possible. The sooner you apply, the sooner you’ll find out if you’re approved.