Attending an overnight camp can be an amazing opportunity for your daughter to develop her feelings of independence and self-confidence. While there are numerous beneficial camps available, it is important to note that there are some camps that are not suitable for your daughter’s specific needs. To determine whether or not she is suited to a particular overnight camp option, it is recommended you take various considerations into account. This article will discuss the different points to consider when choosing the best overnight girls camp for your daughter.

1. The Bunk Counselors

From the moment the child arrives at the camp, they are assigned a particular cabin. The cabin is filled with fellow campers, but it also comes with an assigned counselor who will reside with the children as the weeks unfold.

The duties of the counselors are to ensure that all girls in the cabin are accounted for throughout the day, and then tucked into the bunker at night. As cabin counselors and children bond, the aim of the counselor is to act as an effective role model and friend. Before committing to a girls camp, it is recommended you review the bunk counselors at the camp and read through testimonials.

2. Packed Schedules

All campers can relate to the sound of an early morning wake-up call, and you can trust your daughter will be busy from the moment she rises to the moment she falls asleep. Packed schedules are beneficial as they ensure the girl is immersed in a steady stream of activities that help build skills and remain out of danger. When contemplating which camp to choose, it is recommended you review the schedules and read reviews of the activities completed.

3. Constant Supervision

Staff members are well aware of the trouble children may experience during their time at a camp. It is for this reason that trained; qualified adults are involved in the activities constantly supervising the children. As is mentioned, the bunk counselors reside with the girls to ensure they are supervised during meals, in the cabin, and when moving from area to area; therefore, it is impossible for the child to engage in any unsupervised activities.

To ensure the chosen camp meets this particular consideration, it is recommended you read testimonials shared by prior camping families.

4. Onsite Medical Assistance

Arguably one of the most important points to take into account is onsite medical assistance. While adult supervision tends to prevent most accidents occurring, there are accidents which will occur nonetheless. By checking that the girls camp has onsite medical assistance, you can ensure your daughter’s health and safety during her stay.